Each wedding cake we make is crafted as an extension to the overall vision you have for your wedding day!

Your wedding cake is just as much a part of how you express your special day as it is your menu (have your cake and eat it too, am I right?). That's why all our cakes are customized and special to each individual couple. We encourage you to have some ideas and inspirations, but we ask that you keep the Pinterest at home and trust that we will design a cake unique to you.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is a pleasure to be on your mind as you plan for your special day.

Choosing a wedding cake can be one of the more enjoyable aspects of wedding planning (it involves tasting cake, what can be stressful about that?).

As your cake designer, we are committed to making the cake planning process stress free. We start working with you the moment you inquire to get a sense of who you are and what it is you want for your wedding day.

Once we have your details, we'll reach out to schedule a consultation and tasting that fits within our schedules.

*We ask for a bit more flexibility in scheduling between April and October as weekend availability is limited.

The most difficult thing we ask of you is choosing which flavors to try from our amazing selection and not showing up on a full stomach!

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Not sure where to begin? To start the cake designing process look first at your wedding design for inspiration.

From there you can combine your vision with our artistry to develop your unique wedding cake design. We specialize in hand painted cakes, piping, lace work, detailed frosting and sculpting. It is your vision we are crafting. We take personal care to ensure your cake is a detailed representation of your design.

Just like your cake is unique to you and your special day, the price of our wedding cakes are custom to each design.

All cakes include a standard $50 administrative fee and are then priced based on number of servings and complexity/decoration. There is a $200 minimum for weddings during slower months and $500 minimum from August 15th-October 15th

All bookings must be made at least 1 month prior to the wedding date, any orders accepted within 1 month will incur an additional 15% fee.

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Custom Designed

Your Big Day

We specialize in bringing unique wedding cakes to life, and love bringing color, texture and flavor into every slice.

What to expect when ordering a wedding cake from us